announcement – book coming out.

StopLying (1)

Comes out on Kindle in next couple of weeks; don’t know exact date yet. Shortly after that it comes out in hardcopy. Stay tuned for details. (You can also google my name or watch for “#stoplying”)

You may have tried to change your life many times, in big or small ways. You may have struggled with your habits, feelings, perceptions, with your behavior, relationships, job, diet, anything. You may have taken workshops and trainings, read books and tried therapies. If these haven’t worked, if you’re still somehow lost or stuck in your life, the problem may be this single persistent mistake. It causes most of our problems. It derails our lives in countless ways, leaves us repeating pointless or self-destructive habits, poisons relationships of all kinds, prolongs misery.

If you don’t catch it, whatever else you try may well fail again.

Catch it, and everything can change. Catch it early and you’ll never need anyone like me.

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