I’ve been syndicated!

Some of my material is now being published on another site.  Copyright rules say I can’t reproduce them here for six months so I’ll be sending you there to read them.  I’ll try to continue posting entries here as well.

The first of the new articles was triggered by a development in the world of current events.  The topic I focused on, however, is central in psychotherapy, public policy, and especially all public debate/discussion.  It is in fact a crucial impediment to all of these, and a also means of the resistance I’ve written about so often here and on the main website.  Debate in the public arena seems to suffer most acutely and most destructively from this bad habit of ours.  Please take a look – it’s a short article – at this issue, especially as you struggle in psychotherapy, in arguments at cocktail parties and around your own dinner tables, and as you think about voting.



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