what is this blog?

Welcome to an ongoing discussion of all things psychological, as such things arise in therapy sessions and in daily life.  Some of the postings may be a bit confusing if you haven’t read the background material in the website  www.AboutPsychotherapy.com.    If this is your first time here, you may also want to click over to see who I am and what I do.

I’ve disguised the identities of the people I discuss here, changing names and relevant details to protect their privacy.  The patients in question, however, have given me permission write about them.

Exploring what we humans do and why we do it, in all our glory and silliness, is for me great adventure and great fun.  I’ve been lucky enough to have done a lot of acting in my life and there, too, the excitement has been exploring what makes someone – in this case a fictional someone – tick, finding a way to present sometimes outlandish characters in a way that makes their behavior understandable, even inevitable.  The same applies to nonfictional characters, the oddballs you see around you and of course your own nutty moments.  Enjoy the ride!

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