Covid and a crowded house

Now the issue of children in the house.   For many I’ve talked to about it, the honeymoon period has ended and nerves are becoming frayed.   Here’s a good “How-To” column with sound, proven, and for the most part easy to institute suggestions.  It makes the excellent point that one of the first things to happen when we get anxious, stressed, and especially when more deeply afraid as many of us are, is that what we already know goes out the window.  So the reminders here are useful.

Again, these won’t work for everyone.  They are excellent but a bit superficial.  When the problems run a little deeper, the stress of our current situation may cause much more distress and a more precipitous drop in functioning.  That is what my main website is about and I’ll post more about it on this blog later this week.

Here is the how-to article.

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