globalism, tribalism, trump, and yes it’s about psychology

I’m posting this short article because to paraphrase Clinton back in the day “it’s the psychology, stupid”.  Ok, he said “economy” but it’s the thought that counts, and that thought is this:  Psychology is behind what we do.   Money, turf, even “identity” are the avenues – the symptoms – through which we play out our more basic motives, fears, needs.  Bear in mind, though, that this author has I think touched on one of those more basic concerns, but not the core, not at all.  Still I post the article for the more general point he makes that psychology counts.   In the discussions you hear about the state of the world’s governments – or lack thereof – psychology is often left out as if we were not humans, as if machines were making all these decisions.  It can all be much more readily understood if we start from the knowledge that all these world leaders and those around them are humans, with all the good and bad that entails.

Again, the article is here

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