book update – also tv/radio appearances

I see I’ve been remiss in attending to my social media issues.  My brother recently asked me if the book was out in print and my mentor asked me if it was out at all.

So here’s the news.

1) the book is indeed out.  Both the print and on line versions have been corrected of all typos and formatting problems.

2) Starting tomorrow I will be appearing on various morning tv shows and on radio interviews.   So far I’m scheduled to appear on “The Frankie Boyer Show” (tomorrow, 11:30 a.m.), “Good Day New Mexico” in early July, “Live at 9” in Memphis (if indeed live, it’ll be Monday morning, June 27), KWAM radio in Memphis (same day, at noon), and “Urban Update” in Boston (airs July 3).  Still to be scheduled, probably for late July and August, are appearances in Milwaukee and Portland Oregon, again on morning shows.   Several of these shows are on network affiliates, the local versions of NBC and ABC.

So life is exciting.  Thanks to all of you who bought the book, reviewed it, and otherwise supported its gestation and birth.

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