More radio/tv appearances for book

There have been 7 radio interviews so far.

1) An hour with Dr. Pamela Brewer – talking shop with another therapist – which will air soon.

2) Half hour with on this show.  Went out live and was repeated.  As soon as I edit it down I’ll post it on a new page of media appearances.

3) Half hour on NPR.  Link available soon, they promised – stay tuned!

4) An hour on this show (KWAM radio  out west).

5) Half hour on WKNY-AM “Morning Show”.  Went out live and they lost it after it aired; some kind of glitch in their computers.  But they offered me a repeat appearance to be scheduled soon – again stay tuned!

6) Women’s Corner – WBZ-AM, Boston.  They’re editing it for airing.

7) And finally:  First interview, back in June:  Half hour on WOCA in Florida.  Again, I’ll post the it soon as the editors finish with it.  You can hear a rough version of it here – just skip ahead and start listening at 2 minutes into the program

As for tv appearances there have been three.  Today I’ll be appearing on WISH-TV, “Indy Style”, in Indianapolis.  (Channel 8 at 9 a.m.).  Then in two weeks I’ll be on in Portland Oregon; while I’m there, I look forward to seeing the Pacific ocean again.

Again, thanks to all who have made this all happen.  The book is getting great response.

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