The book is out! Also extended webinar tonight of my work

My long in process book is now out in print form.  As promised, the price has jumped since it made Amazon best-seller status.  You can get an e-version with a few typos for 10$; the print version is 12$.

Most important:   This is a fine tuned version of things I’ve been trying to articulate in sessions, in lectures, and in shorter publications for about 25 years.  My focus in writing it was to get this material clearly stated in the least complicated language I could.  It is not a book for other professionals.  It is for you.  I’m very proud of the response it has gotten so far.  Please take a look and enjoy the ride!

And a thank you goes to all of you who allowed me to include your stories in it:  patients, friends, and in one instance my father.  It would be a dry book without your contribution.

You can read a sample of the book here.  Or you can go to Amazon and in the search field type in “Stop Lying” or “Bennett Pologe”.


ALSO:  I will be appearing tonight giving a roughly 2 hour webinar.  You can register for it here.  There will also be a link either in the site or in a future posting on this blog if you happen to miss tonight’s broadcast (do we still call it that?)

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