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A patient sent me this article, (In case that link doesn’t work, copy this into your browser:  http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/why-mens-friendships-can-feel-empty-megasahd/).  Take a look especially at the paragraph that begins “Men will ask women to”…  In a couple of sentences there’s a lot of gold.   I don’t agree completely with the material in the section right after that paragraph, but overall the article makes some excellent points about men, what goes wrong with their relationships, what kinds of silly, self-defeating coverups we all engage in, pushing away exactly what we most need.  And I hope that reminds you of resistance, discussed in the main website and in this blog – see the posts listed in the index on the right side of this screen, particularly those with “resistance” in the title.

Meanwhile stay tuned for an update on Erin, who I discussed in my last posting “The basics again – don’t diagnose yourself“.

And don’t forget to enjoy the ride.  Seems to be the only one we get.

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